Communication Research
Communication Research
Communication Research
Realities run deeper than we think



Much of the world as we understand it is constructed through our habitual use of language with one another. In fact, it is the taken-for-granted aspects of language and communication which allow us to maintain a relatively coherent view of our own and shared realities.


This is precisely because we are largely unaware of the underlying mechanisms and meaning representations of language at the time we use it. If we were, we wouldn't be able to believe, with any conviction, in the very realities we are collectively creating on a day-to-day basis!


In truth, what we assume or claim ourselves to be doing when we communicate with one another and what we actually are doing can be very different things. 



Targeted insight — rooted in context, anchored in analysis
That's why simply asking people what they think about relevant concerns, e.g. through questionnaires or interviews, can only provide a surface-level vantage point.
To go both wider and deeper, you need to understand how they construct their realities in communication. Consulting Nao can help you do this by analysing what it is people actually do with language, in authentic contexts of use.
Communication research involves sourcing language data from contexts relevant to your users, such as the web, which are determined in consultation with you. 
All data analysis is undertaken by myself, founded in a knowledge of the Language Sciences, and supported by the use of research software. 
Deliverables with practicable outcomes


Deliverables are agreed in consultation with you based on project needs. They might typically include: 


  • An analytic report, structured around the key concerns identified.


  • A presentation which further clarifies the results of the analysis. 


How the insights are used depends in large part on the nature of the project, with benefits that are potentially wide-ranging. In general, they can be used to inform: