About Marion Nao, PhD

My Motivation

My passion for language and communication research has led me to delve deeply into the analysis of spoken interaction, as well as written texts and images in a variety of contexts of use. I am motivated by a sincere intention to improve effectiveness of communication through analytically anchored insight. The focus of my research is carefully informed by the key concerns of clients regarding their user base. 

My Expertise

I am well trained in analytic methods, having obtained a PhD in Language and Communication Research from Cardiff University, prior to which I had gained an MSc in Applied Linguistics from University of Edinburgh. Both of these, as well as my postdoctoral research, were sponsored by the Economic and Social Research Council, UK, who ensure that their award holders receive high quality research training from recognised institutions of Higher Education. (Further specifics on my qualifications and other credentials are available from my LinkedIn profile. If interested, please also see my academic publications.) 

My Experience

My analysis can be applied to any context of language use and communication; for example, I have worked on projects ranging from healthcare and education to charity concerns. I am happy to tailor my research to lay, professional or academic audiences. An example of independently managed educational research aiming to bridge theory and practice can be found at my Economic and Social Research Council webpage.

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